“Bees, Bee Flies and Bees-that-look-like-wasps”

If you are like us, you’ll be missing getting out regularly to see nature and being involved in keeping the Park and Flats in good condition. You are probably missing our field meetings and practical work parties too.

To keep us going, the WREN Conservation group will ran a free virtual meeting on Sunday 19 April at 11 am. This was held online using Zoom. 

Our inaugural session lasted for about an hour. It was introduced by the WREN chair, James Heal, where he explained something of the vision we have for virtual meetings for now and for the future.

This was followed by an excellent short talk by committee member Tony Madgwick on “Bees, Bee Flies and Bees-that-look-like-wasps”. Tony is the Recorder of Bees and Wasps for the London Natural History Society and is on the verification team for Bee Fly Watch 2020. Naturally, the talk focused on Bee Flies, probably the cuddliest little flies you can see in your garden or on those lock-down exercise walks though the Park, and what you can do to help with the National Recording scheme.

After the talk, there was a Question and Answer session which was opened up to general discussion about our activities.

Take part in Bee-Fly Watch 2020: https://www.brc.ac.uk/soldierflies-and-allies/bee-fly-watch