Lichens and lichenicolous fungi (LF) of the Wanstead area VC18

Lichens are undergoing a radical taxonomic review aided particularly by DNA sequencing technology, this is leading to changes of the Latin names, current names are given with the older more familiar names in brackets.

Acarospora fuscata

St Mary’s churchyard
Identification: The thallus is finely cracked, with smooth angular segments so looks like dried brown mud. The surface can be rough and uneven if the crust is thicker. One to many darker red-brown to black apothecia are sunken in the areoles, giving a characteristic mottled appearance to the thallus.
Chemistry: C+ red.
Similar species: Other similar Acarospora species are much less widespread.
Habitat: On siliceous rock, walls and gravestones, especially in nutrient-enriched agricultural areas and on bird-perching stones.
Distribution: Common locally in churchyards and on walls. Common throughout Britain in suitable habitats