Fungi Walk in CofL Cemetary

Purple Brittlegill fungus

Apricot Club

Black Earth-tongue

On Sunday 25th Tricia Moxey led about 15 Wren members and supporters around the City of London Cemetery in search of fungi. Tricia had been a bit worried that the variety there might not be great, but her fears were unfounded and at least 20 different types were found, exhibiting an amazing array of colour: white, beige, yellow, orange, scarlet, purple and black were all represented. Several differnt kinds of bristlegills and waxcaps were found, along with Yellow and Apricot Clubs, Clouded Agarics and others. Kathy Hartnett took some great pics, of Purple Bristlegill, Apricot Club and one of the Black Earth-tongues, which Tricia had not seen before. It was a hairless variety but its exact identity has not yet been agreed.

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