Nature Club – July 2016 – Woodlice and other minibeasts

5286: Making woodlouse homes
Did you know that a woodlouse has 14 legs? And that we used to swallow them live to cure a tummy ache? That’s why some people call them pill bugs. We did an experiment to find out where they prefer to make their home and found out that they prefer being in the dark and they like being damp too. They are not very waterproof like us and dry up quickly and have shells like lobsters. Like worms they are Nature’s Recyclers as they like to eat old decaying leaves and wood. So next time you see a woodlouse, don’t tread on it, it is doing a useful job!
Then we went round Jubilee Pond which looked very pretty in the sunshine with lots of wild flowers out. We had a go at catching butterflies and other creatures such as crickets and ladybirds with our sweep nets in the long grass. We got a bit hot and thirsty and fed the ducks with some proper duck food pellets.
9 children today.

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