Nature Club – May 2015




We had a good look at an old sparrows nest which was made of grass twisted round and round & we listened to the chirpy sparrow song- cheep cheep! The parent sparrows can eat seeds, but their babies are too little for this and need to eat insects. We saw lots of sparrows hunting in the long grass for caterpillars and insects and flying back to their nests in the hedges and buildings nearby.So we went on an insect hunt with a big net and caught lots of tasty bugs.
We also played the sparrowhawk game. Sparrowhawks hunt and eat small birds like sparrows. We took turns being the sparrow hawk and the rest of us were trees with sparrows in them and we had to throw the beanbag sparrow back & forth & hope the sparrowhawk did not catch us!
We looked at how our tadpoles were doing after two months in the Cat and Dog Pond. They now have little back legs and long tails. The reeds are now very high.
And we found something very strange in the pond – a little tube made of tiny sticks stuck together with a hole in the middle. Inside was a little insect called a caddis fly, which walks around with its own portable home-made house stuck together with silk like spiders make.

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