Practical work team make a splash


October 6th came as a gloriously bright and unseasonably warm sunny Sunday, the perfect day to be out and about in Wanstead Park.  For nine Wren Group members it proved a particularly fun morning, boating across the Ornamentals to Lincoln Island and removing brambles and the like that threatened flowers that grow there, especially the daffodils. Planted some years ago, the daffodils, though not wild, are a joyous and unexpected herald of spring. As Edmund Burke said “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”. Though I wouldn’t call brambles evil, keeping them under control is necessary to prevent them destroying the habitat of other species. Having the boat also provided the opportunity to remove some branches that had fallen into the water and which add to its silting up. Practical work helps maintain an accessible and interesting Park with a variety of species and habitats. But it also brings personal rewards – fresh air, exercise, companionship and a sense of achievement. And, with nature all around, there is always something new to learn, see and enjoy. Last Sunday this included many Common Frogs (Rana temporaria), Common Toad (Bufo bufo) and Smooth Newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) which have made the island their home. If you come along to a practical work session be assured you can choose to make whatever contributions you wish. As a non-swimmer, I stayed on the bank, explained the group to passers by and took some pictures.

Jackie Morrison

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