Nature Club – April 2016 – London Pigeons

Jubilee Pond pigeons

Drawing pigeons

Images: GJ – Jubilee Pond pigeons. Drawing pigeons.

Today we took a closer look at a very familiar bird: the pigeon! We looked a two bird’s eggs to compare their sizes and worked out that the larger white one was a pigeon’s egg. Then we looked at pictures of different kinds of pigeons, some of which we might see in the garden like the wood pigeon and the collared dove- and we listened to their songs ( ‘two teas please Louise….’) and Anya told us about when she dissected and ate a ( cooked) wood pigeon! We saw an amazing film of a huge flock of racing pigeons being released on Wanstead Flats. Then we went out and found our own flock of pigeons near Jubilee Pond , chose one pigeon ( they are all different) and carefully drew it. Our pigeons were called Alphie, Mr Hoo, Sharon, Polly, Jimeela, Honko and Percy. Then we went to find where they roost at night- it was easy to find the roost under the railway arches because of the piles of poo underneath!
Then, because it is spring, we planted some dwarf bean seeds in pots to take home to grow and, we hope, eat one day.

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